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Managed Wordpress Hosting
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Stonehenge Managed Wordpress Hosting - Super-fast with highest performance in the UK


100% SSD with Wordpress optimisation for highest performance

  • Features

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    Our Managed Wordpress plans offer automatic updates with high level security

    • Wordpress Installs WORDPRESS INSTALLS
    • SSD Web Space WEB SPACE
    • Snapshot Backups BACKUPS
    • Email Accounts EMAIL
    • SSL Certificates SSL
    • Ultra Speed Caching CACHE
    • Wordpress Optimisation OPTIMISATION
    • Automatic updates UPDATES
    • 24 x 7 x 365 Support SUPPORT
  • Wordpress Starter
    £ 4.99/mo
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    • 1 Snapshot Backup BACKUPS
    • 10 (10GB) Mailboxes EMAIL
    • 1 Free SSL Certificate SSL
    • CACHE
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  • Wordpress Prestige
    £ 11.99/mo
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    • 70 GB SSD SSD Web Space
    • 500 GB (pm) Monthly Bandwidth
    • 3 Snapshot Backups Backups
    • 300 Email Boxes (10GB) Email
    • 3 SSL Certificates SSL
    • Cache
    • Optimisation
    • Updates
    • Tecnical Support
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  • Wordpress Business
    £ 29.99/mo
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    • Unlimited WORDPRESS SITES
    • Unlimited WEB SPACE
    • Unlimited Backups
    • Unlimited EMAIL
    • Unlimited SSL
    • Cache
    • Optimisation
    • Updates
    • Technical Support
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Enjoy the Reliability & Security of Cloud Hosting

Enjoy the Reliability & Security of Wordpress Hosting

Our platform is arranged in clusters with distributed resources and no single point of failure. Its robust architecture is designed to give you maximum uptime with the power and reliability your business needs.

All our VPS now have 100% SSD Drives to improve reliability and speed and an easy to use Control panel to provide you with impeccable management of your Wordpress sites.

Having the latest version of WordPress core is important not only for security but also speed, that’s why we automatically patch and update your install as soon as it’s available. All sites on our WordPress platform are also behind a custom built Web Application Firewall that is watching over your site and filtering out evil requests before they can even reach it. To avoid abuse through plugins, we are constantly monitoring for and will block any plugins that put your site at risk.

Reliability - Protection - Security - Confidence!


Ultra Fast with High Performance


Our poweful Wordpress Hosting platform has been developed using the best technology.

Wordpress sits behind a pre-configured NGINX edge cache system that ensures the quickest response to your end users.

Automatic updates are applied to provide you with a truly incredible, super-fast and super-secure platform tuned just for WordPress.

Ultra Fast with High Performance
Snapshot Backups take an image of your WordPress installation and database every day

FREE WordPress Snapshot Backups

Snapshot Backups take an image of your WordPress installation and database every day, allowing you to restore back to that time.

Let’s imagine you accidentally delete all your posts or corrupted Database - no problem just roll back using Snapshot Backups.

Daily snapshots come as standard on all of our Wordpress hosting plans. A snapshot contains information on how the data of your site has changed in the last 24 hours since the previous snapshot.

The benefit of this is that rollbacks to snapshots are incredibly efficient, and therefore can be spun up much faster than if it were using an ordinary backup procedure.